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we empower future readiness
«Only when the leaders are transformed will the company be transformed.»

Strategic Competence & Talent Management

Securing the right talents with strategy!

Ensure long-term business success and avoid personnel-related crises through successful Strategic Competence & Talent Management! 

The Compact Program by TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education, in collaboration with Transformation Management AG and EIT Manufacturing East GmbH, provides an ideal, academically focused, time- efficient setting for individuals responsible for personnel management as well as those interested in employing and implementing strategic human resource management effectively. 

For companies nowadays, it is essential to prepare as best as possible for unforeseen 
demographic changes, the increasing scarcity of qualified young talent, and the growing 
independence of key knowledge holders.  

The right path envolves in movement – gain corporate success with the right talents | TU Wien

Academic Talent and Succession Management Certificate




«With successful participation in the course, you will be well- prepared for the burning strategic challenges of modern, future-oriented HR work.»

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Graf

Key Learnings

You will gain in-depth knowledge about: 

The Current State and Potential Advancement: Understanding where strategic competence & talent management currently stand in your company and how they can reach a higher level of maturity (assessed through the International Talent Management Index) 

Elements of Strategic Competence & Talent Management: Identifying keyelements and how to construct a forward-thinking competence model. 

Talent Identification: Techniques for identifying the right talents 

Digital Formats in Strategic Competence & Talent Management: Assessing the relevance of digital formats and understanding critical considerations during the introduction and use of IT software. 

Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis: Demonstrating the ROI of strategiccompetence and talent management through a tailored Talent Management Cockpit. 

Optimizing Staffing and Succession Systems: Designing a system for staffplacement and succession to ensur the right individuals are shaping the challenges of the future. 


Link TU Vienna website: Talent Management | TU Wien


Information and application

Gabriela Bodner

Phone: +49 89 51 51 3839
Mobile: +43 660 21 61 143


or via our contact form (see below)

Kick-off: 18th March 2024 (TU Wien) 

13 online sessions between

March 24 - June 24 (incl. Final Exam at TU Wien)

Course fee: € 3.900,- 

Examination fee: € 180,- 

(VAT-free, excl. travel & accommodation costs) 

Terms of payment: 14 days after receipt of invoice; in case of cancellation 2 weeks before
50% of the course fee will be charged, thereafter 90% of the course fee will be charged. 


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