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Extended Team

Professor Dr. habil. rer. nat. Roland Weierstall-Pust

Professor Dr. habil. rer. nat. Roland Weierstall-Pust is W3 Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Medical School Hamburg and an internationally recognized expert with extensive publications in the field of stress research. In his many years of working in various post-conflict and crisis regions, he has developed numerous teams and prepared experts from the private and public sectors to work in the most dangerous areas worldwide in order to be able to work effectively and safely in high-risk environments.

Professor Weierstall-Pust is a member of the Triple Nine Society and Mensa and an enthusiastic strategist. He has served in various key positions, including as an expert witness and consultant at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and as Director of Research and Corporate Development for a private hospital group with over 30 locations in Germany.

 Professor Weierstall-Pust is an accredited supervisor and licensed psychotherapist in Germany and Switzerland. He runs both a consulting firm and a private practice in the heart of Frankfurt. His work for companies focuses on the development of teams and the development of potential in individuals, with a focus on systemic interactions in interaction with individual personality factors. Professor Weierstall-Pust supports TM AG in specific projects with the person-centered change management approach he has developed.


Mira Maria Meiler Mag.

Mira Maria Meiler is a sparring partner for the sustainable implementation of change, an organizational consultant, author and coach. For over 20 years, she has been supporting people, teams and organizations in change processes such as mergers, restructuring, agile transformation, strategic reorientation or shaping a new leadership culture. Her passion is the cultural development of organizations, whereby human and ecological aspects as well as economic requirements are brought into harmony.

Mira Maria Meiler started out as an entrepreneur with an event and trend research agency specializing in the IT sector immediately after completing her studies in business administration. This was followed by a move to the consulting sector, where she spent many years supporting managers and teams in difficult situations and reorientation. Through her training as an art therapist, she developed her creative skills and her love of people, which is also reflected in her work as an organizational consultant today.

She has completed several systemically oriented training courses in the areas of coaching, team development, system constellations and change management and is characterized by different life experiences as a project manager, entrepreneur, therapist, artist and partner in an international consulting firm. She is also a sworn expert for management consulting and has published two books on change management.
In her private life, she is an adventurous soul with a great urge to move in nature and enjoys exploring new countries with their scenic and cultural diversity.


Christian Pum Mag.

After studying commercial sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business with a focus in marketing, financing and foreign trade, Christian Pum began his career in sales and marketing of machines and systems for the plastics processing industry. For more than 30 years, Christian Pum has held various management positions in global companies in the mechanical engineering and construction supply industry, including more than 15 years as Chief Sales Officer and Managing Director.

Christian Pum has an international network and experience, especially in the plastics processing industry with a focus on automotive, medicine and packaging, but also in the construction industry due to his work as managing director of a large Austrian company in the construction supply industry.

In addition to the strategic and operational management of sales, particularly strategic projects included the realignment of the corporate culture, acquisitions of companies, complete restructuring of the sales organization, development of the e-commerce business, HR transformation project and entry into the Chinese market with local production and a two-brand -Strategy.

Christian Pum is an enthusiastic leader who consistently focuses on sustainably challenging, promoting and developing people with a high degree of authenticity and appreciation.


Ralf Heyen

Ralf Heyen brings in more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of human resources. As Senior Vice President he has been working for globally operating family businesses and large corporations.

His range of services covers the development of global HR strategies, the establishment and management of global HR organizations, and the management of change and transformation processes. Moreover, since 2021, Ralf Heyen, has been active in the field of executive search with his own consulting company and mainly supports large medium-sized companies and family businesses on filling executive positions at the 1st and 2nd management levels.


Jennifer Ruhfus (BSc.; MSc.)

comes from a very international background. She was born and partly raised in the US, finished school in Germany, graduated with honor in International Business from the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, and the University of New South Wales, Australia, and finished her post-graduation in Organization Studies from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Next to her academic education she gathered fruitful work experiences in different fields. Her hobbies – team sports, mountaineering, and the outdoors – have led her to the world of consulting and training: five years as an independent process trainer in the outdoor field started her career. This experience, her academic background, her open-mindedness and her professional engagement were the perfect foundation for a consulting career at the Transformation Management GmbH. For two years as part of the core team she was able to work in numerous projects in Leadership, Talent Management and Outdoor Trainings while also driving the organizational development of the company. Now she is still a part of our extended team and supports us in diverse projects.


Sebastian Wächer

... not only talks about change, but experienced it himself!

One wrong step, whilst hiking, turned Sebastian Wächter's fate. He fell and broke his neck.
Diagnosis: Paraplegia. 95 percent of his muscles are affected. Thus, already at the age of 18, his personal radical change process began.

The accident happened in 2007 - do you want to read on?

Then please click here!


Herbert Taxer

Herbert supports us as a passionate professional mountain guide in almost all outdoor trainings - demanding and deliberate at the same time. Always with a smile on this lips and characterised with a lot of experience he is able to encourage participants, not only to think about nature, but also to reflect upon oneself.