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The willingness to learn is a choice

Leadership Development

Managers must learn how to answer the unanswerable. But for this they must be prepared to take responsibility for new situations which they will be exposed to. Their task is to find ways for themselves and for others through the complexity; to activate existing potentials which are embedded in routines and partly underlined by fear. For this they require a certain "robustness" towards complex challenges and resilience towards apparently easy solutions. Such an attitude and the necessary competence do not just evolve when being promoted to a management position with leadership responsibilities. They must and can be developed through both individual and collective learning. 

The most important "product" of this learning is the competences of qualified reflection. 

Competences are the inner preconditions of a person's action, which are at the same time difficult to observe. The adoption of competences is successful when the required learning experiences in realistic situations are made.

Work-based experiential learning and the appropriate learning architecture can encourage leaders and managers to leave the usual frame of reference, thought and success patterns and to turn to new inspiring solution approaches.

The focus is on the protection or rather the increase of the personal behavioural impact and the collective organisational efficacy.

Topics in the Field of Leadership - Development


  • Personal development through reflectional learning 
  • Customised learning modes, learning settings, learning concepts for Top Management
  • Team Management Training
  • Leadership during change
  • Leadership in the tension between proximity and distance
  • Leading through difficult conversations 
  • Manager as a talent developer 
  • Management simulation – High Performance Organisation